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Hari ni mood macam ada rajin sikit, jadi moh ler kita buat review ikhlas dari hati. Lol. Sebelum ni aku nak buat review movie horror thai bertajuk Take Me Home, last last sampai ke sudah tak buat. Aku tengok movie hantu tu sensorang k kat wayang! Tu movie horror ketiga aku tgk sorang2 kat wayang. The feeling? Ada satu scene je bikin aku nervous; iaitu bila dia nak keluarkan hantu tu dlm badan mangsa tapi hantu tu ejek dia balik dengan mantera2 yg dia baca. Peh muka dia scary gila aku tabahkan je hati duduk sensorang kiri kanan takde orang masa tu. Hahahaa

So sekarang nak review movie NOW YOU SEE ME 2. Firstly, jom baca plot dia dulu:

One year after outwitting the FBI and winning the public's adulation with their magic spectacles, the remaining members of the Four Horsemen - J. Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson) and Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) - are in hiding, awaiting further instructions from the Eye, the secret society of magicians they've been recruited into. Their handler, FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) ultimately assigns them a new mission, exposing corrupt businessman Owen Case (Ben Lamb), whose new software secretly steals data on its users for Case's benefit. Illusionist Lula May (Lizzy Caplan) is added to the team to replace former member Henley Reeves.

The Horsemen infiltrate Case's company and hijack the launch party for the new software, leading the FBI to their location. The show is unexpectedly interrupted by a mysterious individual who reveals to the world that Wilder, believed to be dead, is actually alive, and that Rhodes is their mole, forcing Dylan to evade his new partner Natalie Austin (Sanaa Lathan). While attempting to escape, the Horsemen are captured by mercenaries led by Merritt's vengeful twin brother Chase and taken to Macau, where they are brought before Chase's employer, technology prodigy Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliffe), Case's former business partner who faked his death after Case stole Walter's company.

Mabry conscripts the Horsemen into stealing the data-mining device developed by Case from a secret facility underneath a local casino, to prevent Case from using it. Atlas agrees to the plan despite the others' reluctance and leads them to a magic shop belonging to Li (Jay Chou), who provides them the equipment needed to pull off the heist. Meanwhile, Rhodes is branded a fugitive and forced to spring his rival Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman), whom Rhodes blames for the death of his father Lionel Shrike, out of jail to help him expose the mastermind behind the conspiracy. Arriving in Macau, they seek Li for information, but while there Bradley escapes Rhodes' custody, revealing that he anticipated Rhodes would free him if exposed.

The Horseman infiltrate the facility and steal the device, evading the authorities and successfully escaping the casino. Atlas is then confronted by Mabry's men and realizes that Mabry intends to steal the device for himself. Rhodes intervenes and retrieves the device, but is distracted by Chase, captured by Mabry's forces and taken to a nearby yacht, where he learns Mabry is acting on behalf of his father, Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine), the businessman whom Rhodes employed the Horsemen to expose in revenge for Tressler's company denying his mother's insurance claims after Shrike died in a stunt gone wrong. Having secured the device, Tressler reveals Bradley as his associate and places Rhodes in a safe and leaves him to drown, the same manner in which Rhodes' father died, but Rhodes manages to escape and is later rescued by the Horsemen after Tressler and Mabry have departed.

Rhodes and the Horsemen reunite with Li, and follow Mabry and Tressler to London, where they perform a series of tricks to promote their next act. Mabry, Tressler and Chase notice a pattern in their appearances and locate their hideout, capturing the five and bringing them aboard their private plane. Rhodes and the Horsemen are thrown out of the plane. However, Tressler realizes that the expensive bottle of alcohol opened to celebrate his victory has been tampered with and finds "The Fool" card attached thereto. Immediately thereafter, he finds the Horsemen waving from outside the plane window. After opening the door, Tressler finds that the plane has never taken off, and instead was tricked into boarding a plane on a barge in the middle of the River Thames, their criminal activities being broadcast live to the world by the Horsemen in the process.

Mabry, Tressler and Chase are arrested by the FBI, and Rhodes entrusts the data-mining device to Austin, who allows him to escape, having realized the Horsemen are not criminals. Rhodes and the Horsemen are then taken by Li, a high-ranking member of the Eye, to a secret library where they are reunited with Bradley, who reveals himself to be the Eye's leader and Shrike's best friend, having masqueraded as his rival as part of their act. Bradley compliments Rhodes on the master illusionist he's become and announces that the Horsemen have completed their training, inviting them to a secret chamber accessible through a massive spiral staircase to find out the truth about the Eye. One by one, Rhodes and the Horsemen join Bradley as they all venture into the room and disappear. source

Pelakon NOW YOU SEE ME 2:
  • Jesse Eisenberg as J. Daniel "Danny" Atlas
  • Mark Ruffalo as Agent Dylan Rhodes / The Fool: Former FBI agent, and leader of The Four Horsemen.
  • Woody Harrelson as Merritt McKinney and Chase McKinney
  • Dave Franco as Jack Wilder
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Walter Mabry
  • Lizzy Caplan as Lula May[8]
  • Jay Chou as Li
  • Sanaa Lathan as Agent Natalie Austin
  • Michael Caine as Arthur Tressler
  • Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley
  • Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Allen Scott-Frank
  • Ben Lamb as Owen Case
  • David Warshofsky as Agent Cowan
  • Tsai Chin as Bu Bu
  • Richard Laing as Lionel Shrike: A magician who drowned while performing an escape trick thirty years earlier; revealed to be Dylan Rhodes' father.
Panjang gila kan plot dia? Meh aku buat sinopsis ringkas review aku sendiri:
Now You See Me 2 ni adalah sambungan kepada Now You See Me yang pertama dulu. Kalau siapa nak tgk, aku sarankan better tgk dulu yg pertama kot. Tapi kalau taknak pun takpe sbb rasanya korang boleh je faham even tak tengok yang pertama dulu. Bagi aku, movie Now You See Me 2 ni adalah movie yang tak boleh nak pergi tandas. Hahaha. Sebab setiap detik adalah bermakna. Cehhh. Aku takut dia buat trick magic masa aku p toilet jee. So aku mmg takde g toilet masa ni.
Masa yang kedua ni dia "baik" sikit. Sebab dia explain how they do the magic trick. Korang mesti amaze gila kalau tgk trick dieorg buat tu. Daebak ahh. Kalau yg pertama dulu, tak banyak sgt dia explain kan, yg kedua, dia siap tunjuk lagi. Dan yang kedua ni trick dia lagi lagi lagi awesome dari yg first dulu!
Korang mesti tertanya-tanya trick macam mana dia buat masuk terowong, tahu tahu dia ada kat China? And how they can be alive selepas di "flying-kick" dari kapal terbang? Macam mana dia boleh buat air hujan berhenti dan terapung di udara? Then bila dia kata stop, air hujan tu pun stop! Mmg awesome trick dieorg buat dalam Now You See Me 2 ni.
Now You See Me 2 ni guna pelakon baru. Ingat tak yg pertama punya ada Henley? Yang kedua ni Henley takde dah sbb dia dah keluar dari group, so ada new member, Lula. Lula ni boleh tahan laa sbb dia suka buat kelakar.
Paling mendebarkan dan cuak sekali, bila Dylan (anak Lionel Shrike) kena baling dalam air dengan kotak besi yg bapak dia guna masa buat magic trick 30 tahun yg lalu. Korang kalau dah tgk yg pertama dulu mesti tahu, Lionel Shrike ni magician yg mati sebab dia nak buat magic boleh keluar dari kotak besi yang bergari setelah diletakkan dalam sungai, tapi dia mati sbb tak berjaya keluar dari kotak besi tu. Aku cuak gila masa part ni. Dylan dalam Now You See Me 2 ni "sweet" sikit. So yg kedua ni aku boleh nampak laa Dylan ni "sangat menjaga" the four horsemen dan aku boleh kata yang dia sayang "budak-budak" tu even dia tak tunjuk. Sweet ah tu kan hahaha.
Nak tahu dengan lebih lanjut korang boleh tengok movie ni kat wayang. Aku spoiler sikit je ni takmo banyak-banyak. Mmg worth watch laa! Saya kasi 9/10!
Actually I plan nak ajak Gedik tgk The Conjuring 2. Sampai skrg tak tgk lg hahahaaa. Tapi Gedik macam lagi "terpesona" dengan Now You See Me 2, so even dia kata he's okay to watch The Conjuring 2, aku tetap pilih Now You See Me 2. Lagipun Now You See Me 2 ni one of my favourite movie. So why not kan? Nanti sian Gedik takut pulak terjumpa Valak malam-malam buta masa balik kerja hahahahaa. Plus selama ni aku rasa kalau tgk wayang mostly aku yg pilih. Queen control ekh? Lol. Ada satu kali tu dia tunjuk banner movie cinta (tak ingat movie apa aku rasa Ada Apa Dengan Cinta kot) serta merta aku reject. For me, watching a love story-movie di wayang tak berbaloi, even p tengok dengan boypren sekalipun. Hahahahaaa. Ke aku sorang je yg rasa begitu?
Jangan lupa p tengok Now You See Me 2 tauuu! Serius best! Siapa suka tgk silap mata, wajib tengok movie ni! Hehehehe. Tataaa!

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  1. Tpi knpa ada review ckp tak best :( terus tak jadi tgok hahah. Plus nysm 1 pun tgok mcm tu ja takdak la kusyuk pun tgok huhu

    1. hahahaa.tatau laa Ain cemana tapi Rrai mmg suka movie now you see me ni. Dari pertama dulu dah suka sangat sbb bg Rrai movie ni best.. yg kedua ni pun best..

  2. Saya dah tengok movie ni. Paling last memang top2 meletop :D Ada jay chou lagi. hihihi dulu2 minat gila dengan lagu dia..

    1. Ending dia mmg gempak ah kan. hahahhaa. Suka betul kalau happy ending cenggitu. Padan muka "harry potter" hehehe

  3. sy dah tgok yg pertama kak, tp ending dia sy x suka bikin spoil pula haha .. sy biasanya tak tgok wayang, sbb abg suka download then tgok ramai2 1 family kat rumah hahaha. Hopefully yg ke 2 nie best dri yg first..

    1. Ending yg pertama mmg dia mcm nk kasi hint nnti ada Now You See Me kedua pulak. Sbb tu rasa tak sabar nk tgk yg kedua sbb nak tau apa jadi kat The Four Horsemen. Yang kedua ni mujur dia buat magic lagi gempak dari yg pertama. Worth watch la..

  4. tak tengok lg tp suka hero tu. rebiew mcm menarik je

    jemput join GA :)

    1. hero yg mana? tapi pelakon lelaki dia mmg hensem hensem muahahaha

  5. ah , tak tahu pulak dh keluar nysm2 ni . harap sempat tengok bulan depan cerita ni T.T

    1. in shaa Allah sempat.. ada certin wayang dia still lagi kuakan even movie dah lama. cuma waktu dia je tak banyak pilihan.

  6. Wargh!!! Baca review rai je dah rasa nak gi tengok.. tapi yg first pun tak tgk lagi.. acaner..

  7. Tak tengok lagi 😭😭 Teruja sangat nak tengok sebab yang first best. Mesti nak tengok yang 2nd. Baca review nie lagi x sabar nak tengok.


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