Saturday, 27 February 2016


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List 25 things that make you happy
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Firstly sorry sebab lambat respons untuk ini. Hihi. Someone tag me so lets go find out my answer! Terima kasih tag kite kak!


  1. Hot coffee.
  2. Tomyam.
  3. Soup.
  4. Mom's cook.
  5. Pie's wishes when I'm mad.
  6. Pie's call.
  7. Pie's stupid jokes.
  8. Pie.
  9. When I success download running man or whatever movie. 
  10. When my dad come home after months he's not around.
  11. When there's a lot of food/junk food/coklat/aiskrim/jajan in the kitchen/freezer.
  12. When I got something free. HEHEHEHEE
  13. Debab. [my cat]
  14. Rain. [as long I am not alone because I am pretty sad to be alone when its rain]. I know. Weird.
  15. Harry Potter's movie.
  16. Adding my makeup stuff even its not important to buy and even it didnt make me be beautiful or ploles or whatever I dont care.
  17. Bermalasan.
  18. Sleeping. HEHEHEE
  19. When you follow my blog.
  20. When you visit my blog and leave your comment.
  21. Listen to 4th Impact music/Fifth Harmony/Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift songs.
  22. Cheese cake muah muah
  23. School holiday.
  25. Because its me. And I deserve to be happy kakakakakaaa.

I dont want to tag anyone. Feel free to answer kalau rajin. Lagipun soalan tagging ni dah ramai buat sobsobbb ai jee lambat ni haa nk buat post.


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